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Book published!

Finally! After 2 years of sketching, drawing, painting, writing, redrawing, photoshopping, rewriting and even more redrawing, lotsa negotiations, frustration and other kinds of crazyness.... my book has finally been published!! ^^ or well.. sponsored XD But still! its there! whoohoo! I'll be giving a reading this saturday in the local library. Currently working on what the hell to say there..o_o So l gave myself a break to bring you guys the good news ^^.

For the ones that have no clue what the hell Im talking about: I've made a final graduation project. "All Day Dreaming. for everyone who feels a bit "different" somethimes." A graphic novel about my life, starting from when I was 3 years old. Reality in black and white, and my daydreams and thoughts in colour. With in every dream a different drawingstyle or technique. It can be bought/ordered for 20 euro's. If you're interested in getting yourself a copy, feel free to send me a note. Do know the language is dutch. Even tho the book is mostly filled with images, I do think its good to mention up front. ^^

previews can be found here in my deviantart(deviant-ID) or at…

* will continue her writing again... *
(oh why did l make it a reading instead of a singing performance XD.. that would be a lot less scary~)
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Time for an update!

Recently Im getting more and more order in my chaotic life :3 I actually have an office where I can work on my drawings(paintings,etc), do my paperwork, networking, etc. And most importand: I wont be distracted! (unlike @ home XD) The fact I have an office means I've almost got what can be called a normal day/night rythm now o_o. Since I want to get to my office! In the past year I usually stayed up till 4 in the morning.. weather I had to get up at 7:00 or 14:00 XD. And since my room is the embodyment of chaos 75% of the time it isn't such a good working environment.  

At my office I work hard on my "Alle Dagen Dromen"-project. (the book I want to publish) You can get a sneak peek of the pages at .
Next to that Im working hard on making new wolf arts for Howling Riot. ( Currently I'm working on a big winged wolf poster with a totally painted background and a giant moon. Its on A2 so its gonna take a while till its finished. Hope it'll pay off ^^

Speaking of howling to the moon, last sunday and incomming thursday I was asked to sing. At a memorial and a baptizing (sang together with my cousin). Last sunday went well./o/ Hope thursday will be the same. :3
But first I'll go shopping with my sweet boyfriend tomorrow. ^^ He'll be going to Hollywood for 3 months, so I better enjoy it to the fullest while he's still here. :3
When november starts I'll be more strict to myself when it comes to art-production and all the other work. Hope to be able to spam this place with lotsa new art then.
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emm oke, here's my first journal ^^'':

While everybody's seems to have vacation, I'm stil at my internship until the 11th of july.. and instead of working extra hard I end up browsing on deviantart more and more.. on the moments there's nobody there to check on me to see if Im still working that is >.>.

Im at a graphic design studio right now, making illustrations for a book thats full of heavy topics (violence, rape, manipulation, etc XP)XD. Since Im not used to draw such things in a way that adults dont easily find it childish, it is quite the challenge for me.. o.o but I will make it!! *should be working on it now* will post it once it's finished.. if it's showable..

aaand recently joined the artofthepawandfang club :3 and they said I had to put them in my journal, but I didnt have a journal to put it in XD so here it is! guess that why I even started a journal now. but hey, they asked ^^


that'll be all for now.. better journals will follow! XD

x~ vosje/footroya